Personal, smart, and enjoyable training designed to help you run your fastest.  

Coaching by Joe Stilin is for runners of all abilities, from beginners to age group competitors, at all distances from 800 meters to the marathon.  The rate is $70/month.  To begin, fill in the form below or click here.

  • An initial consultation of your training and racing experience
  • A daily shared training program tailored to your schedule and goals
  • Unlimited access to your coach through phone, email, text, and skype with immediate or under twelve hour response time
  • Guidance in race selection, race strategy, strength training, nutrition, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and the mental side of running
Shared, individualized training plans
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Joe Stilin
Joe's coaching philosophy centers around aerobic development and consistent, healthy running.  The workouts are diverse and fun and where needed, cross training and strength training are implemented. Every runner's needs are different, and coach Joe is excited to learn about you as an athlete and help you reach your running potential.

Rate: $70 per month